The most brilliant idea of 2010

The most brilliant idea of 2010 comes from Gerard Lelieveld. Congratulations. He sent an email to Paula Hodgetts, in which he promised her a gift, when she resigns from her job as a Predator seller. You want to know her answer was? Go to the comment section.

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  1. Tessonome said...
    28 December 2010

    I am out of the office until 01/04/11. If you need assistance during this time, contact the individuals below:

    Kimberly Rinder (858-312-4227) Signature authority or Sub-Contracts issues ASG.

    Vicki Naish (858-312-2416) Production procurement issues at ASG.

    Dave Crosby (858-525-6226) Signature authority, production procurement or Sub-Contracts issues RSG/LEO.

    Bob Supergan (858-312-2646) Signature authority or facility procurement issues.

    Vickie Jackson on any SBA issues.

    Thank You,

    Paula Hodgetts
    Director of Purchasing and Subcontracts
    General Atomics Aeronautical Systems
    14200 Kirkham Way
    Poway, CA 92067

  2. Tessonome said...
    28 December 2010

    What a brilliant idea. What if we send to all people, that have jobs, which could kill masses of people, an email: Please will you be so be so kind and quit your job, and in return you get a gift?

  3. Gerard said...
    28 December 2010

    Nee, dat was ik die met dat email + cadeautje idee kwam,
    maar de ontvangster was even op recess of sabbatical of zo.
    Misschien dat anderen wel aanwezig zijn op kantoor, dat kun je zelf proberen. Wel beleefd blijven natuurlijk.

    Exwaan Googelde deze pagina, daar staan nog meer email adressen:

    Ik schreef dit:

    Dear Paula,

    please reconsider your current position in the war industry.
    With your talents you could bring peace.
    You know this is not right.
    If you quit I send you a little present.

    Thank you,
    Gerard Lelieveld

  4. Max Exwaan said...
    28 December 2010

    The US military has so many drone aircraft now, the infrastructure it there and the machine won’t stop. These drones are a disgrace for the human race.
    Pakistani officials: Latest suspected drone attack kills 10 (today)
    Zeventien doden bij nieuwe drone-aanval Pakistan (today 17 dead says Dutch paper)
    Pakistan drone attack ‘kills 18 militants’ (yesterday)

  5. Gerard said...
    28 December 2010

    Jammer dat de gehele getallen niet zelf in opstand komen, want de enige keren dat zulke getallen van stal worden gehaald is om de doden te tellen.
    Terwijl je op je vingers kunt natellen dat er maar wat geroepen wordt zo vlak na zo’n terroristische drone Hellfire-raketaanslag in verweggistan.

  6. Zwaan Kleef Aan said...
    28 December 2010

    Ik word hier een beetje misselijk van met uw welnemen.

  7. Zwaan Kleef Aan said...
    29 December 2010

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