Freedom to the world formula 17: wisdom is contained in nature

Mark Passio researches the root causes of human suffering and brings solutions. What you read here on Tessonome is my transcription from his radio shows. The following text is a partial transcript from podcast 007

Freedom is there waiting for you all to find.

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Because the system is what keeping things, it is the systems that are all around us, these institutionalized systems are what keeping the things they are, what is actually controlling people, because they have a firm grip, and a firm control on the minds; the minds of almost every human being walking on this planet. They are the boxes that we bring to the table. Let’s make the truth fits in my box. ‘Oh, I listen to you to a point; I hear what you have to say on religion, being astro-theology, anything but that. Now I am walking in the other direction’. Let’s discuss the poison that is in my food, the government. Most people have boxes that they bring to the table and this one ties in with Ego, with Ego identification: barrier number two, out of the four barriers extreme strangle holds on the human minds and spirits. Ego ultimately is the inability to say the three words: I am wrong.

I (Mark Passio Tessonome) was in the car a couple of days ago talking to a couple of gentlemen involved in the Tesla Foundation and I was talking to them about some things that I thought I was sure right about. When I first really started on line and became to understand what was really going on in the world as far as mind control goes, all the multifaceted forms of control that surrounds us and that keep the mind in such alienated state as a species, that destroys the human imagination, I was still quiet naif at that point. I thought it would just be a matter of alerting some of the people around me to what was going on and explaining to them that people who don’t have their best interests at heart where getting them to believe all these things that aren’t true. And if I simply laid out some evidence before them, they would appeal to reason. The reason in it and the logic in it would be seen to them. How wrong I was as anybody who is at least a semi decent level of awake or conscious could tell you. It is not just a matter of explaining information to the people. Because they are shut down by an Ego attached level. There consciousness is shut down to the ability to admit that they are wrong about something they are firmly attached to, belief is the case, that they accepted as their perception of reality began to believe that it is the accurate perception. Even beginning the process of giving up is too much for them to bear. Their Ego is identified with it.

Let’s talk about the first barrier of the four barriers of self-realization: the five sense illusion. We have five receptors: eyes, ears, smell, touch and taste. Why is it called the five-sense illusion? We identify with the frequencies the wavelengths that we can pitch up with these sense perception organs. We get rapped up in the notion, in the belief that this is all there is. Hand in hand with that notion that only those minuscule frequencies in the totality in the frequencies ranges that exist that we can pick up, are the only ones that exist and this goes hand in hand with the notion that matter is pure solid: solid physical thing. That is an abstract notion. The left-brain imbalanced people have a problem with that. Matter is solid at the macro level. It is critical to understand how it works.

The macro domain is ‘big’ things you can see. They are made of atoms. An atom is not solid, it is 99,99999% empty space! The quantum level is the very, very small scale. How can this potential become matter on a macro level? In the world realization there is a clue to what it is. You are using your real vision because you are using your real eyes. When you open your mind to wisdom that is contained and is nature: the Natural Law Principles, the Divine ordering intelligence, that is inherent in creation you start to understand that the Truth is embedded in the language we speak. Words can tell us so much about deeper meaning, deeper purpose. They help us to gain accurate perception of reality regardless to what is taking place within us and in the realm in which we exist, the so-called external world. In the word realization is real eyes phonetically: using your real eyes. Kind of like in the movie The Matrix when they unplugged Neo from his pod. They help him rebuild his muscles, his mind; he was trapped in illusion, in the fantasy world, in The Matrix. And he asks when they assist him to build up his strength: “why do my eyes hurt so much?” Morpheus answers: “you never used them”.

Most people here are not using their real eyes. They see things from a skewed perspective that is based in brain imbalance, which is based in fear that is based in a poisoned worldview of themselves and the world in which they live. Most of all is based, is rooted and the reason it is there, due to deep, deep mind control Ultimately breaking of that mind control that most people are embedded in is coming to an understanding of the True Self: that is what getting out of mind control is all about. Knowing who we really are. Becoming Self-realized. Seeing with the real eyes, which equates to being able to see the world around us as it is. Not skewed by what we wish to see it. That is ultimately that what Self-realization is all about:  the ability to tell truth from falsehood.

We have sense perception organs that are tuned to pick up certain senses of reality, but not all frequencies. We are told we cannot see the infra (below) red and the ultra (above) violet frequencies. There are infinitely frequencies the eye is not attuned to see, and therefore we cannot see them. But, they are there. So perception in this case is not reality. The five-sense illusion ties to the notion that physical survival is all that is important; that only physical well being is important, no matter how much the mind or the spirit generates. This is a very, very deep and difficult trap to be stuck in and it is difficult to get out it. Once we are attached to these notions that the things that we perceive is all there exists and that matter is completely solid, we get into the state of having a severely, severely limited idea of what is actually ‘is possible’. We are cutting ourselves of from different imaginative potentials.

Matter is ultimately not solid but is a potential energy. It has a potential to exist. If we look at the quantum level of matter we will see that all matter is really: it is energy. It is vibrating at a certain frequency. It is not actually solid mass, as we think of solidity. All matter is made of the same basic substance: vibratory energy, the basis of physical reality, and all reality. All reality shares the same properties. It is what we are made of, it is what the stars and galaxies are made of. From the very, very, very small to the very, very, very large, from the micro domain to the macro domain. Essentially matter is vibratory energy: that is the key thing to keep in mind. Think of it as a guitar string. When you see it move, you can think of it: ‘oh that string is in all places at once’.

Vibration is what energy appears solid. To illustrate why matter as potential is important to understand, please watch the Double Slit-experiment. This experiment has deep profound implications to understand how our thoughts and actions create the reality that we experience through taking the total potentials that are available to us: imagination, unified field, the realm of pure potentiality. That is where all the potentials arrived from and grow out of. We need to understand how matter works on a quantum scale. Then we can understand how we create our reality at a macro level, a larger level, through our decisions and what our decisions are doing: a collapse of potentiality. They are collapsing possibilities. Waves of possibilities are collapsed through our choices, through our worldview, through how we think and feel and ultimately by the decisions we make to actually act in the world, and through a vast amount of people taking part in that activity because we all take part in that activity every day.

We decide what we are going to do with our time, ourselves, our role in the world. How we feel about different situations, what we are going to do with our resources, our intellect, how we feel about things and ultimately how we do the action. We collapse these potentials that exist for anything that can happen. Anything to occur, occur potentiality. And we collapse them in the creation of what we are actually experiencing in the world. We understand this more clearly when we look at how matters behave at a very, very, very fundamental level: the quantum level, the very, very, very small level.

Quantum means ‘amount’ in Latin. This word describes a packet of energy, an amount of what we call matter, which is essentially energy. Look again at the Double slit-experiment. It is amazing how matters work at a very small level. What is more amazing to understand is how our choices create what we experience at the large level, because ultimately we are made of this stuff. It is behaving the same way at the quantum scale all the time and ultimately choice, consciousness and choice, free will, is what is from this field of potential, from those available potentials, it actually collapses down the possibilities and then creates events that actually take place in our lives.

When an observer is present, energy behaves differently. In the Double slit-experiment the electron went from behave as a wave function potential based upon the act of observing and quantifying electron in space. By the very act of observation, the possibilities collapsed. This showed the scientists doing the experiment that the electron is not an actual piece of solid matter. It is only a wave function of potential to exist and actually become a particle. Since the electron was fired one at a time it was behaving like a wave. But when you took away the possibility for it to exist as a wave function you collapsed it and you did that through how you observed the experiment by placing an observer at one of the slits and actually counting how many electrons went through one of the slits or the other: you collapsed the pure potentiality of the energy that that electron is and that act, the act of observing it in that way created the actual piece of matter.

The electron itself was not an actual piece of matter, until you set up the experiment in such a way, that you could observe it as a piece of matter. When you remove the electron measuring device from the slits and it goes back to not knowing how many electrons are going through which slit, or the other, you get the interference wave pattern again. You put the observer back and you get the two lines again. The electron only becomes the piece of matter at the point where it is observed as such expected to behave as such. Matter is a wave potential of potential energy and only when consciousness introduced to the equation, do you actually get any solidity and do you actually create a point particle or an event. This is known as super position. In reality all the positions that electrons could have made, it did made. It hit the screen and bounced back. It went through the right slit, it went through the left slit and it went through both slits simultaneously, all at the same time. Every possibility it could have done, it did, when it was a wave. What the electron interfered with was itself: an interference pattern.

What does this mean in consciousness? This means that until we observe things differently and think about our role in the cosmos differently, we are not going to be working with the availability of potential that we really have and we are going to be collapsing that function, that waveform of potential into something that we do not really want experience. Unless we observe things differently and that we think about them pretty much differently. When we continue the same way of thinking, we are getting the same results. When we change the way we are thinking we will get different results.

Consciousness and the act of observing, of being the observer is what ultimately creates the reality that we experience and that is not some New Age perspective, this is confirmed through scientific observation. Our choices, free will decisions to take action is how we actually collapse all of the potentials we can pull from: the field of potential, the unified field where all potentials exist. We collapse them into events, through our choices. And that is what we get: what we experience.

TESS DISCLAIMER: Never ever take anything any person tells you for granted … do always your own research in the spirit of Truth … SEEK ONLY  TRUTH … which is simple, elegant, DIVINE and non violent …

Freedom to the world formula 16: different work

Mark Passio researches the root causes of human suffering and brings solutions. What you read here on Tessonome is my transcription from his radio shows. The following text is a partial transcript from podcast 007

Freedom is there waiting for you all to find.

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We need the ability to tell truth from falsehood. And ultimately that comes from knowing who we really are from understanding the true Self: the higher aspects of the Self. And this is what consciousness really is. True consciousness is letting go of attachments and illusion. It is getting out of fantasy land, of believing in fantasy and nonsense. And the understanding of what is real and what is not real. When we talk about truth there are people that insist that there is actually no such thing as truth, that perception is reality.

This is the notion, the ideology known as solipsism. Please look it up and understand it. This is the main root ideology that leads to suffering. People insist that their own perception is reality. Solipsism leads to pure left-brain scientism, or high intellect divorced from wisdom. The kind of that leads us to hydrogen bombs being build. Instead of wisdom prevailing and someone saying: ‘should hydrogen bombs be built’? Intellect saying: ‘can we build them? Yes! And if we are paid enough, we will build them’. That is intelligence only. Left-brain intelligence that says: ‘can it be done, I do it if I am getting paid enough’. But true wisdom would say: ‘should I be doing this, is it right?’

True wisdom always asks the question: ‘is it right’? Which leads me to the next ideology that solipsism creates: moral relativism. Not knowing that there is such a thing as true right and true wrong. When there is no such thing as truth, there is no such thing as morality. Because there is no such thing as right or wrong, it is all relative and this is the notion of moral relativism. That is a very quick and slippery descent from there to social Darwinism: the idea that some people have the right to decide who lives and who dies! And from there you get totalitarianism, eugenics, slavery, genocide and any other extreme level of suffering we experience over and over and over again. Endlessly! Until we get out of that underlying ideology.

What blocks us to understand the higher levels of Self? We talked about the aspects of human consciousness:  thought, emotion, action and how these three have to become in universe with each other such that we are: so we think, so we feel, so we act. They cannot be universe when they are internally divided by the force: internal opposition within. That is what divides our thoughts, our emotions and our actions. The understanding of the components of the brain, how the brain functions, is important to understand for who we really are. We need to understand what imbalances and what balances the brain. In other words: what creates brain imbalance.

Love as a dynamic force, which expands the brain and fear as a dynamic force that shuts consciousness down. The forces love and fear are related to the worldview that people hold.

How do you see yourself in relation to other people, and to universe in general? As a connected part of a whole, of this ocean of consciousness, or is every being out there for himself, no matter who they have to step on for what they need.

We talked about the forces of magic and sorcery being the arts and sciences of influence. How to influence thought and behaviour. How to create change. Not only within the Self, but also in others through influence. We talked about how these forces can lead to two conditions: order and chaos. And we talked about how order and chaos are ultimately created in the world, which is called: Natural Law.

What creates order, what creates chaos? Order is ultimately based on the dynamic awakening consciousness, or love energy. It is ultimately based in brain balance: the balance between the left and the right brain hemispheres. Chaos is rooted in fear and it has its roots in control: external control of other people, which is an outgrowth of fear. Fear is the force that shuts consciousness down, so that we remain in a state of internal confusion and external opposition. That is how chaos is created.

From the moment we enter the world we encounter erected walls and we continue to strengthen these walls and we continue to erect these for others that come after us. That is ultimately the lack of understanding of who and what we really are. There are 4 main barriers to awakening, to the realization of the True Self:

1. Five-sense illusion

2. Ego-identification

3. Left brain prison

4. Institutionalized belief systems

When we talk about five-sense illusion we talk about matter and focus on matter. It is identification with matter, with the material realm. Identification and continuous focus upon only the physical level of being. The physical level of being is important but being so attached to it, that you really pay no attention to the mental or the spiritual levels of being, will get you in the mess that we have gotten ourselves into. The physical world is a construct for experience and it is not who we really are.

The second barrier to awakening is ego-identification. That is identifying oneself with some that is not, with illusion. It is identifying itself with a role that one plays believing that the role is who he is. This will be the equivalent of an actor starting to believe they are the character they play.

Left brain prison is popular by sorcerers, people who want to control people and not having them fully be aware or see how they are being controlled. I assure you, I guarantee you that the vast majority of the people, particularly in the western hemisphere and particularly in what we call western civilization, are firmly trapped in this prison. Firmly trapped in the prison of the left-brain. This is the inability to think in a non-analytical way, non-linear, intuitive way. What traps people here is largely indoctrination, the planned indoctrination and very methodical indoctrination that they are put through in the modern so-called educational system that we have in the western world. That is not to say that the people in the eastern hemisphere don’t have the same problem. It is even more a problem then in the western hemisphere, but it is a favored methodology of mind-control. If you do not realize that mind-control is behind all this, then you haven’t learned a thing. This is what is really driving the devastation of human freedom and human sovereignty on this planet. This is what is really creating all the conditions that we don’t like, don’t want on this planet, what we call evil.

The prison of the left-brain, the third barrier to the self-realization of the true self is a critical one, because so many people are trapped in that modality of consciousness. And when they are trapped there, they are only half a person; they are only a half of an actual human being. They haven’t developed the intuitive faculties; they haven’t developed the nurturing faculties, the sacred feminine aspects that go along with being connected with the right brain hemisphere. That is not to say that the left-brain hemisphere is not equally important, it is! They need to be brought together in balance.

The forth barrier could be one of the strongest: Institutionalized belief systems: another form of attachment. The strong belief and attachment to institutionalized systems of thought. Ideologies, belief systems, they are not philosophies, and they are not true understandings. They are not recognitions of anything and certainly not recognitions of Natural Law Principles.  What these institutions are, are ideologies that are erected to protect themselves and perpetuate themselves as such these become institutions or institutionalized thinking and behaviour. Until we break down the attachment to those institutionalized belief systems, do not expect much to change on this planet. Sad, to have to break that news to you, because we need to do so much more in the mind, in consciousness than most people think. WE ARE A LONG, LONG, LONG WAY of where we need to be. For people who work in the system, work a little, have a little change, think everything is going to be fine. Most people who are thinking this way are kidding themselves.

TESS DISCLAIMER: Never ever take anything any person tells you for granted … do always your own research in the spirit of Truth … SEEK ONLY  TRUTH … which is simple, elegant, DIVINE and non violent …

Freedom to the world formula 15: The four Barriers to self-realization

Mark Passio researches the root causes of human suffering and brings solutions. What you read here on Tessonome is my transcription from his radio shows. The following text is a partial transcript from podcast 6

Freedom is there waiting for you all to find.

Foto Tess Jungblut

How do magic and sorcery go into the world and how do they influence us. There is occulted knowledge used against the people of this world. There are barriers that prevent people to know how they work and realizing their true potential. I call them: Barriers to self-realization.

There are a lot of people in the world that see the problems we are in, but to address the causal factors they look the other way. They don’t want to admit and to face just how darker place humanity has come to and to do so means that certain influences in the world must be acknowledged. One of the influences is the occult.

Occult means hidden knowledge. There is a mind trick with words that is always played on people: it is obfuscation. You tell them that a word means something, but it really does not quiet mean that. It is one possible connotation, but you dissuade them from looking into that concept further. If you say the word occult, 99% of the people use the word that they use as a respond: evil! They tell you occult is a synonymous with evil. It can be. But that is not what the word means: hidden. Occultare means to hide, or conceal from side.

When you tell people that there are hidden influences at work in the world that I called sorcery, they will immediately reject that notion out of hand. Because they believe they know it all, how the world already works. There is nothing out there that possibly could have passed them and escaped their attention. They say: ‘I don’t believe in that crap. How could it then have any influence over my life, my existence’? This is a fatal, fundamental flaw in peoples’ philosophical make up, in their psyche. They actually believe that if something will have effect on them they have to understand it, know anything about it.

That idea: ignorance is bliss, is utter nonsense. What we not know about is killing us! Ignorance is chaos and suffering. Why? There are people who act on fundamentalist belief systems which affects you. So if you say, sorcery does not exist, sorcery can influence you weather you believe it or knowing if it exists or not. You can being affected by an act of free will going astray. The way the better prepare against the negative of harmful influences of dangerous ideologies such as sorcery is to learn as much as possible about it. That is the only way to get into a position where you can defend yourself against it.

For the definitions magic and sorcery click here.

We are now at a place where sorcery has run so rampant in the world that we live in, that we have a situation of total chaos. Almost complete chaos. People that think that we are gong toward more order are delusional. The New World Order that we are largely moving toward is going to be one of total control and total chaos. There is another New World Order that we can build, that would be based on true order, because it could be based in love, could be based in self-respect, it can be build with the act of true magic, alchemy. Helping people to raise their consciousness, the higher levels to understand how higher law works and that there is such a thing as Truth. That is what I (Mark Passio Tessonome) intend to do.

The alchemist can only be of influence. He can never do the work for another person. He can only do his own work. You can only nurture the conditions that surround the seed and hopefully it will sprout and grow. In many ways it looks that people are to attached to what they want to believe, what they have been fed as truth. They can’t break out of that mind-set. Let me give you a quote that describes that condition of attachment. It is from Paul Joseph Goebbels, minister of propaganda during the Nazi regime. He was an expert in sorcery. He was an expert in mind-control. He was an expert at propagating lies, disinformation and utter nonsense that only could lead to more human suffering, and it did. He was wonderful at his job, one of the best of all times.

“ The essence of propaganda consists in winning people over to an idea so sincerely, so vitally, that in the end they succumb to it utterly and can never escape from it”.

This is ego identification, this is one of the greatest barriers of self-realization: the attachment to being right. The attachment to a belief that you have put your whole heart and mind into accepting as a reality. This is the essence of mind-control. That is what mind control is. You can substitute the word in Goebbels statement with the word mind control. This is the methodology that has people completely owned externally. Most people do not own themselves in the world today. They are wholly owned by minds that are outside of themselves: other peoples’ propagation of an ideology that is only put out in the world to control their minds, their feelings and their behaviors. For people who do not believe mind control exists, you do not understand anything about what is taking place on this planet!

Mind control exists, it is real, and there are methodologies for it. The methodologies are known, well known. The methodologies are practiced. The methods are refined. They are refined sharply. Ad they are doing one hell of a job on people. They turned up the heat, psychologically, through food, digitally through the media and the devices that most people pay attention to now in their very homes. They turned it up spiritually through the propagation of ridiculous notions that is propagated in the New Age Movement. Till people pay attention to it, they will become more and more uncomfortable. That people are going to suffer a whole lot more. Sadly. But it is a choice. It is a choice. Let that be known. It is a choice, weather we suffer, or come out of this mess. The choice lies largely in one concept, in one notion. And that notion is: understanding who we really are.

Once we understand enough about us, about our-selves, the true nature of our being, mind control will no longer have any affect on us. And it will melt away!

The suffering will continue, the mind control will continue, externally controlled imposed of all kinds will continue and it will not relent, not one second, not one instant before we wake up to the realization of who we really are. Lets look at the word realization.

Real-eyes: to see with the real eyes. Only when we see with the vision that can help us to accurately proceed reality, accurately proceed that what is, accurately proceed truth, only when we acquire that vision, are we going to be in a place to come out of all of the self inflicting suffering that we have created for ourselves. It is doable. It is possible. The potential for that exists, weather we will bring that into manifestation is another story. If we do it, we have the potential to create at this time of history a way of being on the earth that has probably never been seen before, that we can scarcely imagine. This is part of the problem, that we can scarcely imagine it. The human imagination is suppressed. They want to stifle; sorcerers want to control other people. They always need to stifle the human imagination. They need to stifle, they need to suppress and out a lit on what we are capable of imagining is possible. Because if you cannot imagine the possibilities that can be, you are always going to be trapped with what is. The ways are now. So many people say: ‘It will never change. I can’t imagine that it can change’. That is why it can’t change. If you cannot imagine it, you cannot bring it into manifestation.

The imagination creates everything. It is the greatest power of our thoughts. The suppression, the desire to exterminate the human imagination, is what the sorcerer wants to bring about.

The very definition of mind control is the extermination of the imagination. If you can’t vision how anything could be different than it is, you are trapped exactly where you are with no possibility for any real change for the better. It has to be imagined before it can be done. The imagination is the greatest power that we possess. The attempt to destroy it is one of the greatest methodologies used against the human species by those who seek ever-greater control. What I describe as the sorcerers of the world: the sorcerers of consciousness.  These are people who just want their will to be done. They don’t care whom they need to step on to get it done. They need to keep us in ignorance of who we really are.

Let’s see, how we are prevented to use our own eyes, to see what real is: realization. Why can’t we see? It is because of the barriers to the realization of the true self.

The four barriers of self-realization are:

1. Five-sense illusion

2. Ego-identification

3. Left brain prison

4. Institutionalized belief systems

1. Five-sense illusion is an idea, a left-brain imbalanced idea; it is the ideology that only that which can be perceived with the senses is real, or can really be looked as, as real. So, only what our sensory perception organs can pick-up that is all reality is comprised of. There is nothing else outside of what we can see, hear, smell, taste and touch. Or, what we can perceive with the extensions, with our created extensions of these senses, which we call our technology. Nothing else is real except what we can perceive with our five senses. It has been called the five-sense illusion because people are attached to the ideas, ideologies that cause all the suffering. It is the attachment to the ideologies that make us not be able to truly realize who we are. Until we let go of these attachments we are not going to make really any progress towards solving all of the self inflicting suffering and seemingly never ending problems that humanity is currently going through. Everything we call evil that we experience as evil, or negative, or bad.

Let’s look at matter. People are attached to the notion that matter is completely solid. Because I cannot pass my hand through a seemingly solid object that is a definitive solid hard thing. People are so ignorant about that notion that I tell a little anecdote that happened to my girlfriend, Barb, who is a nurse.

She is at the hospital one night. I guess it was a slow night. A couple of nurses where talking about this subject matter, this idea about what matter is. Barb brought up the notion that matter is made up of atoms and atoms are always in motion. If you would look for example at a chair under high enough magnification, you would see incredible motion; a motion that cannot be conceived of the speed of the particles that moves and vibrates. When she tries to explain this to another nurse from the nursing staff, the nurse looked at her and said: “Barb, you are crazy, so crazy”. She had actually not even really heard this notion before, that at the very, very small – the quantum – level there is such a chaotic motion and flux, that we can scarcely conceive of how fast it is moving, that we perceive that it is still and solid.

When we understand more the structure of matter, we get into more modern interpretative and experimental observations that matter is not solid at all! As a matter of fact it is only a potential to exist. Only when the decision to observe it is made, does it actually form an actual point particle. If we look at the sub-atomic particles at a very, very low scale we would see continuously flocks of motion: pure potential, pure potential energy. Potentiality. The potential to manifest something, a consciousness has to become involved to actually create and form that potential into a manifested experience. In science this is known as the ‘observer effect’. You can look that up!

The five-sense illusion keeps the people trapped in limited ways perceiving themselves, their own consciousness and the world. Here is an example:

We can look at frequencies of light and sound. We look at the visible spectrum of light, what the eye can actually perceive as far wavelengths of light energy goes. We can see that our eye can only detect a fraction; a very small fraction of the totality of wave-land spectrum’s, the full range of wavelengths that actually exists as far as light energy is concerned. We break that down in what we call the color spectrum. We can see: red, orange, yellow, and green, blue, violet, and the shades between those colors, combinations of them that create all the colors, which the eye can see. Essentially it is an extremely, extremely limited frequency range that the eye can pick up. We don’t perceive the infrared wavelengths, or the wavelengths that exist below the color red. We don’t perceive the ultra-violet wavelengths above. Does that mean that those wavelengths do not exist? They exist! They are in creation, in manifestation. The eye cannot perceive them, don’t decode these wavelengths with the equipment that we have, called the human eye.

TESS DISCLAIMER: Never ever take anything any person tells you for granted … do always your own research in the spirit of Truth … SEEK ONLY  TRUTH … which is simple, elegant, DIVINE and non violent …